About PowerTye MFG

Since 1991 POWERTYE MANUFACTURING has been proudly making American Tie-Downs in Anaheim, CA.

We are the industry leader in design, creativity and innovation. Many have copied our designs, but none have matched our QUALITY, VALUE, or PERFORMANCE. We make a wide assortment of tie-down and other anchoring products such as Cargo Nets, E-Track and Aero-Track systems. and many more!


PowerTye Milestones

1991 - Invented the integrated "Soft-Tye" Tie-Down, an Industry-First

1998 - Introduced self-closing Latching Hooks to our PowerTyes

1999 - Invented the Genuine Sheepskin Soft-Tye, taking the V-Twin world by storm

2001 - Started our Custom Logo Printing program available on all of our PowerTye Tie-down Straps

2003 - Introduced our 1½ inch "Fat Strap" and 2 inch "Big Daddy" Tie-downs, covering a wide variety of vehicles, including V-Twins, ATVs, Baggers and Large Custom Choppers

2008 - Began selling our best-selling PowerTye Trailer Kits, combining 4 of our most popular 1½" or 2" deluxe tie-downs with a convenient storage bag and optional Ratchet Covers for one low price